What Is My BMI? Find Out Now With Our Free Online BMI Calculator!

Q: What is my BMI?

A: Your BMI depends only on your height and weight. You can use the BMI calculator below to determine your current (or target BMI).

Before we fully answer the question, "What is my BMI?" and use the BMI calculator below, let’s first quickly define what BMI actually represents.

BMI is a simple and relatively unbiased measure of a person’s relative fatness or thinness and is used for screening people for possible weight related problems. Therefore, when people ask, "What is my BMI?" they often want a measure of how fat or thin they are.

The measure allows health-care professionals discuss problems associated with being over and/or underweight more objectively with their patients.

However, BMI does not directly measure body fat percentage. Therefore, it is possible for athletes and bodybuilders to have BMI numbers in the overweight and obese range and still have very low body fat percentages.

There are several ways to measure body fat percentage, including our free online body fat percentage calculator. Use those resources after you use the BMI calculator below to answer "What is my BMI?" to put the results into better context.


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The BMI Calculator: The Answer to What Is My BMI?

The BMI calculator below will return the answer to the question What is my BMI ? Simply enter data into the yellow cells in the BMI calculator to determine your body mass index.

The BMI calculator will return both your BMI number and category in the grey box below. That is the answer to the question, "What is my BMI?"

Unit of Measure
Body Weight
Body Mass Index

What is my BMI? BMI Calculator Powered By Middle Management

Now that we have used the free online BMI calculator to answer "What is my BMI?" check out the resources below for additional information on how to use your BMI.

Additional Resources to help you answer, "What is my BMI ?"

What is my BMI? Resources from the US Centers for Disease Control.

BMI Information from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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