How Do You Burn Fat – 3 Crucial Tips

How do you burn fat? Many people set out on this endeavor, and a good many succeed.

However, even many more do not follow through. What makes the difference between someone who can burn fat successfully and one who cann’t? Read on.

Finding Your Clear Source of Motivation

Many people believe that your diet or your exercise plan is the most important parts of burning fat. In reality, what makes or breaks a plan is really the motivation.

Someone who really has the motivation to stick it through will see results. Someone who only has bursts of inspiration probably won’t.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down all the reasons you want to figure out how do you burn fat.

Burn More Calories Than You Take In

This part is simple math. In order to burn fat, you need to be taking fewer calories into your body than you’re burning. You can achieve this by eating less calories and exercising more.


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This doesn’t mean you should starve yourself. Starving yourself, being constantly hungry and malnourishing your body isn’t sustainable. Almost everyone who tries this method inevitably bounces back to eating too many calories.

Instead, first cut out all the unhealthy calories. Soda, microwaved foods, fried foods, fast foods, etc. All of it. Then, replace it with healthier choices like lean meats, fruits and nuts.

This alone will make a huge difference. This is a crucial piece to the question “how do you burn fat?”

Make sure you have a workout routine that you truly enjoy. Why? It’s hard to keep up something that feels like a chore. Instead, if you can find a sport or workout routine that really lights up your heart, then you’re much more likely to stick to it and burn calories.

Tips on Following Through

It helps a lot to establish a habit. Instead of working out whenever you feel like it, if you get in the habit of working out every other day, or every day at a certain time, it makes it much easier for you to exercise consistently once you’re in the habit.

Developing the habit takes about 2-4 weeks. But once the habit is ingrained in your system, you’ll basically be set to burn those calories almost on autopilot.

One other thing to take advantage of is your friends. If you have workout buddies, you’re much less likely to miss workouts. If you don’t have friends that want to exercise with you, then you can still meet people at gyms or meetups (running meetups, rock climbing meetups.)

First get clear on your motivation. Then come up with a diet and exercise plan that allows you to burn more calories than you eat every day. Finally, develop consistent habits for working out and reinforce them by sharing your workouts with your friends.

Listen, following the tips above are a great way to get started. However, if you really want to finally get rid of that fat for good, then you should check out the Fat Loss Academy - a step-by-step weekly program that makes it easy change your habits, find your motivation and follow through with your commitment to get slimmer and trimmer. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Do this, and the question of how do you burn fat will answer itself.

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