Designing Total Gym Workouts

Total Gym workouts are actually pretty easy to structure and create.

Once you purchase a Total Gym you’re eager to get started. You know you’ll receive some information to help you learn to use the equipment but you may want to design an exercise program to suit your style and fitness goals.

Part of the benefit of owning a Total Gym is that it is so versatile. You can exercise every major muscle group as well as increasing strength, endurance and flexibility. Depending upon the ages of those in your family, everyone may be able to use the same piece of equipment rather than having multiple pieces cluttering your home.

When designing your Total Gym workouts, you’ll want to incorporate aerobics, strength and incline training as well as flexibility exercises. By combining these exercises within a single routine, you can complete your daily exercises in much less time than you’d be able to accomplish at a local gym.


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Why do you want to develop a Total Gym routine which incorporates each of these exercises? Each one targets a different part of your total health:

  • Aerobics improve stamina and endurance and allows you to burn fat. Begin your routine with five minutes of aerobics exercises to get your body for the other parts of the routine. These can be done daily even though you’ll want to allow your body to rest between strength training days.

  • Strength training to build muscle creates minute tears in the muscles which require you to rest a day before training again. These minute tears will build your muscles while the muscles rest so you’ll want to exercise large muscle groups on different days to enable the muscles to rest and rebuild.

  • Flexibility can be attained by using Total Gym workouts which incorporate Pilates-type exercises. These exercises can be done separately or can be used as the exercises performed to warm up and cool off which is important.

  • Incline exercises are performed when you raise the equipment platform. The higher you raise the platform the more resistance you’ll have when performing each exercise. You will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance in one workout.

There are so many exercises possible by using the Total Gym machine whether you want to build muscle, burn fat or just get in better shape. You will be provided with explanations on how to perform up to 1,000 exercises with your equipment but you can pick and choose which exercises are best for you. Remember to choose some exercises from each type so you’ll have a complete body workout you can enjoy. With all these exercise choices, you can also add more difficult exercises or change the incline in order to create a more challenging workout.

You are to be commended for deciding to take control of your health through exercise. You have purchased equipment which can provide you with a variety of exercises from one machine. Take the time to look over the information provided so you can design Total Gym workouts to suit your needs and fitness goals.

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