Build Muscle Fast With a Quality Bicep Workout

Who doesn't want to build muscle fast with their bicep workout?

Having an outstanding set of "guns" is one of the surest ways to turn heads.

One way to build muscle and get those amazing "guns" is to understand the bicep muscles, including the biceps brachii and brachialis, and how they work.

What Muscles are Worked During Your Bicep Workout?

The biceps brachii is the long, cigar-shaped muscle on the front of the arm. It is the largest muscle of the bicep muscle "group" that also included the brachialis (see picture below).

The muscle has 2 heads, which is where it gets its name - "bi" means two. It runs from the elbow joint to the shoulder.

There is a long head is located on the outer portion of the arm, while the short head of the biceps brachii is located on the inner portion of the front of the upper arm.

The biceps brachii primarily flexes the elbow in your bicep workout; however, it also plays a small role in flexing the shoulder. It also has a significant role in the supination, or the rotation of the forearm.

To build muscle in this region, your bicep workout should consist almost exclusively of curls. Curls are performed by flexing the elbow and lifting the weight in a semi-circular motion until the forearm touches your upper arm.

There are many variations of the bicep curl, with many exercises including supinating the forearm to more fully target the entire biceps region and build muscle fast.

You can also target the long (outer) and short (inner) heads of the biceps by varying your technique when performing the barbell curl by increasing or decreasing the width of your grip.

Build Muscle Fast Bicep Workout

The brachialis lies below the bicep brachii and covers the front of the elbow joint and lower portion of the upper arm (see picture above). People sometimes refer to the brachialis as the lower biceps.

To build muscle in the biceps area, you must work the brachialis. Because it lies under the biceps brachii, it can have a significant impact on the "peak" of your biceps.

The brachialis flexes the forearm, and forms an important defense to the elbow-joint. Supinating the forearm during a biceps curl does not affect the brachialis. This makes the hammer curl an effective exercise for targeting this muscle in your bicep workout.

What Exercises Should Be in my Bicep Workout to Build Muscle Fast?

In order to fully target the biceps brachii and brachialis, you should perform variations on the biceps curl. You should hit the biceps from a variety of angles, including using wide and narrow grip positions in the dumbbell movements, and supinating your forearm in some dumbbell movements while holding the forearm fixed in others.

The free workout plans for your biceps on this site are designed to target you biceps from many angles and build muscle fast.

There are several free workout plans and biceps exercise descriptions for your bicep workout available here.

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