How to Lose Stomach Fat

How to lose stomach fat... Are you like me? I am guessing that you are. For years I asked my friends and family what it really took to lose the excess stomach fat that I had accumulated since college...

Revealed: How to Lose Stomach Fat

Though I would get the typical "eat less" and "run a lot," I was never really given any real information that stuck in my mind.

I would go through years of jumping from program to program in hopes of finding the "magical program" or "diet pill" that will finally change my problems. The only problem with my approach was that I had no idea what I was doing. I thought thousands of sit-ups would help lose the stubborn stomach fat. Then after years of reading various books and personal experience, I have finally figured out how to lose stomach fat without having to starve myself.

In order to really reap the benefits of my tips, you will need to have a few things.

  1. The power to say to yourself that you WILL lose that stomach fat and that you WILL get those 6-pack abs. The first step to achieve any task is to have the mindset that it is possible.
  2. You will then need access to a gym or simply just space in your home.
  3. A fridge full of lean meats (tuna, chicken), healthy carbohydrates (oats, wheat bread), and healthy fats (peanut butter, fish oil).
  4. A comfortable bed that will help you rest and relax when the day is finally over.

Learn How to Lift Weights

Too many people are afraid to lift weights because they believe that it will cause them to get big and bulky. Can you get big lifting weights? Sure. But it will only happen if you eat enough food to get that big.

Bodybuilders, for example, have to eat up to 5,000 calories a day just to get to where they are, and that would have taken them years of intense training.

But here's the key...

Muscle will actually help you burn fat... and that will help you to look lean, fit and attractive. Muscle is more metabolicly active than fat. This means that one pound of muscle burns more calories then one pound of fat. And it looks better too. :-)


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Focus on lifting heavy compound (mult-joint) lifts like the squat, dead lifts, bench press and the pull-up. These lifts hit various muscles at the same time and burn more calories (you will burn more calories per repition of bench presses, for example, than you will per rep of tricep pressdowns).

Focus on getting stronger in these core, compound movements. If you are able to lift more weight compared to your last workout, then you have gotten stronger. Weight lifting is that simple.

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Learn How Eat Properly

As I mentioned in the previous section, if your goal was to pack on muscle like a body builder, then you would have to eat like it. However, since you are exploring how to lose stomach fat and get those 6-pack abs that you want, you have to take a different approach.

You have to eat less calories than you burn each day if you really want to understand how to lose stomach fat. There is no other way around this. After all, what good are the muscles that you worked hard for if people cannot see them?

By implementing a healthy diet, you will be able to create lifelong changes. Focus on trying to swap the junk food in your life with healthy foods.

  • When you go out for a burger, try to substitute it with a healthy chicken (or just forget the fast food and cood healthy at home instead).
  • Instead of sugary, high calorie juices and sodas, drink only water and green tea.
  • When you feel like eating white breads and sugary cereals, try whole grain bread and oatmeal.

But this is just a short list. There is an unlimited amount of things you can do to slowly (such as eating fat burning foods) but surely make life changes when it comes to eating healthy.

Rest is Not Negotiable

When you put your body through these major changes, you will have to inevitably give your body rest. Sleep for at least 6 (but preferably 8 to 10) hours and let your body recover while you are sleeping.

If you are truly trying to figure out how to lose stomach fat, this just might be the most important step. By sleeping enough, you will be able to grow more muscles, thus leading to faster fat burning. Once you shed enough fat, your 6-pack abs will ultimately appear, all without having to do a single sit-up.

Next Steps

Now that you have a rough idea of how to lose stomach fat, what actions should you take?

  • Put the tips above into action
    • Start a weight training routine (Exercise)
    • Choose a heathy nutrition plan (Eating Right)
    • Get plenty of rest (Energizing)
  • Be sure to imagine everyday what your body will look like.
    • Keep a picture of a body that you want to have in your wallet or as the wallpaper for your phone.
    • Know that if they can do it, you can to.
    • Constantly visualize your dream body and you will definitely achieve what you want.

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