Best Workout Songs to Keep You Exercising

Finding the best workout songs can make your workout time more enjoyable. Working out with the right music increases your energy level, helps relieve stress and maintain a healthy body weight. What workout music gets your blood pumping?

Some of the best workout music, in my opinion, are older but there are songs which can do the trick today. Here are some of the songs used most often when someone works out:

  • Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Even though this song is an older song it is often used while working out with a punching bag.
  • Beat It by Michael Jackson is another popular workout song. You may want to use this song if you’re doing aerobics. You don’t have to use the choreography from the video but it should get you moving.
  • Slam by Onyx is considered by many, particularly the younger crowd, as being one of the best songs no matter what type of exercise you’re doing.


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  • Stronger by Kanye West is considered a great choice if you’re doing spinning.
  • Lose Yourself by Eminem can be used before you start working out to get you going, while you exercise to keep you going and after exercise to bring you back to earth.
  • Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) by Bill Conti is another song from the past which is still effective at getting your blood pumping and your body ready to workout.
  • Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty is also an older song but it has high energy to help you keep moving during an exercise routine.

The above is a good list of workout music you may want to use. Rather than accepting someone else’s list of music, you’ll want to take some time to decide on which songs move you and encourage you to keep working out. Find songs which mean something to you and you’ll be more likely to react to them.

If you workout at a gym, ask them if you can change their playlist. They may have a particular one which is established by the management or they may accept suggestions from their clientele. You may be able to make suggestions or ask them to add some of your favorite songs to their playlist while you’re working out.

Nothing can be as boring as working out to silence. You don’t have anything except your own thoughts to keep you company. Choosing a playlist of songs you can use while working out can make your time more enjoyable. Do you have particular workout songs which encourage you? If not, what are you waiting for?

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