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The "raw food diet" is one of the most discussed diets out there. Those that are on the diet will tell you point blank that it is the best way to become healthier, no questions asked. Others label it as risky and could do more harm than good. Due to the controversy, tons of research has been done by major universities to review the effects of the raw food diet on health, fat burning and weight loss.

Any good raw food diet review will of course take a look at those studies. And I have read many of them myself. Unfortunately, the results are as mixed as the opinions of this diet (or lifestyle, as the case may be).

Before we dive into the key advantages and disadvantages, it is important to first talk briefly about what being on the raw food diet means. In it's most pure form, the diet calls for eating unprocessed and uncooked plant foods - thus the reason it is called "raw food." These plant foods include veggies, nuts, grains, and fruits. All-in-all, at least 75% of your daily food intake must come from the raw foods category.

And then the controversy begins...

Cooking food above 116°F kills most of the enzymes in food that aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. Therefore, "raw foodists" argue, cooking the food is actually bad for us.

Additionally, though most raw food diet followers frown on eating raw meat, some folks do eat raw meat on a regular basis.

Just a personal note: Not me. If I choose the raw food diet, I will go sans meat. Just the thought of eating raw meat makes me ill. I am a "meat well done" type of guy... I do not judge those that go this route though, I just don't get you. To each his own. I know many "rare" steak eaters, and I don't get them either. Of course, they don't get me... but I digress.

Raw Food Diet Review: Advantages

Let's take a look at some of the key advantages of going on the raw food diet...

Increases in Energy

Followers of the raw food diet claim that you will see your energy levels rise when you are on this plan.

Improved Skin

Many raw foods are high in antioxidants which slows the appearance of "aging." Also, since this diet is low in fats and oils, you may generally have clearer skin.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a major benefit of a raw food diet (particularly for readers of, which is clearly the reason I am writing this raw food diet review).

You will not be eating processed foods, which eliminated most high-calorie junk food. Also, most veggies and fruits are less calorie dense that meats. Thus weight loss is close to a sure bet with a raw food diet.

Reduced Risk of Diseases

A study in The Journal of Nutrition suggests that by using a raw food diet over the long-term may help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.


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Raw Food Diet Review: Disadvantages

As with any diet, there are some drawbacks as well...

Food Poisoning

This is a real risk. Clearly, there are many risks with eating uncooked meat, (including gastroenteritis) but many beans and veggies can be toxic as well, if not cooked properly. For example, buckwheat greens and kidney bean sprouts are toxic. So you should be well informed when eating some of these foods.

Nutritional Deficiencies

There have been some noted deficiencies of calcium, zinc, and iron in folks who practice a raw food lifestyle.

Lower in Protein

This is not a diet if you are looking to build muscle fast. There are plenty of raw foods that provide plant protein; however, you will not be able to consume enough of it to pack on muscle quickly without supplementation. Protein supplements have been processed and cooked, and are usually not included in a raw food diet.

Raw Food Diet Review: Conclusion

There are many benefits to following a raw food diet and lifestyle. However, the diet itself can be cumbersome, and takes a lot of planning. As a result, a lot of people will choose to pursue a partially raw lifestyle. You will often hear these people say they are "75% raw" or "80% raw," for example. This helps fight some of the risks of nutritional deficiencies that may occur, as well as making it easier to sustain the diet long-term. By shifting to a raw food diet, even a partial one, you are eating more fruits and vegetables overall, and likely eating a healthier, lower calorie, lower fat diet. And with that comes the ability to burn fat and lose weight faster.

However, if you are looking to build muscle, the raw food diet is not the best choice for you. There are better diets (including vegetarian options) that will help you build and maintain muscle better than the raw food diet.

We will update this page as new information comes in to give you latest info in this raw food diet review.

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