Want a Push Up Workout to Build Chest Muscles?

A push up workout is a great way to build muscle and get a bigger chest without going to the gym, using three exercises to target the pecs from different angles.

In today’s economy, we all have to make some tough choices. For many of us, this means giving up your gym memberships (if you had one), or not signing up for one (if you didn’t have one).

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goals of burning fat and building muscle...

Hey Ben!

I am not able to afford to go to the gym right now, and don’t really have a lot of equipment at home. Is there anything at all I can do to build my chest?

Thanks again!


Hey Marlon, Thanks for reading, I’m excited you like the emails and articles.

There are definitely some things you can do to build chest muscles and get a really good workout in. I am going to hook you up with a push up workout that will hit your chest from multiple angles...

This push up workout involves three exercises, a regular floor push up, an incline push up, and a decline push up. This allows us to hit the chest from several directions for a complete workout.


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As a quick reminder, to do a push up, lie face down on the floor with your feet together. Place your hands underneath you approximately shoulder width apart.

Flat Push Up
Push Up Workout Flat
Now, “push up” by straightening your arms so that you are touching the ground only with your toes and your hands. Make sure you body is straight and rigid (no sagging in middle, and no rear ends stuck way up in the air). This is called the “plank” position.

Next, lower yourself back to the floor in a controlled manner - don’t just flop yourself back on the floor.

That is one push up.

Now, the two additional variations are shown below, the only difference is the angle at which you are pushing.

Decline Push Up
Push Up Workout Decline

To do a decline push up, simply elevate your feet by placing them on a box. Then do the push up in the same way I described to you above. Doing push ups with your feet elevated is targets your upper chest and is slightly more difficult than a flat push up.

An incline push up is the opposite. Your feet stay on the floor, and you elevate your hands. This is a tad easier than the flat push up, and targets you lower chest.

Incline Push Up
Push Up Workout Decline

To do this push up workout, you are going to do a circuit, 3 times. If I want a quick workout, I usually do 10 reps of each type of push up, but you can do more or less depending on your fitness level and time.

I start with the decline (feet elevated) and bang out 10 good reps, followed by the flat push up for 10, and end with the incline (hands elevated) for 10, all without resting. That is 30 good reps. I then rest for 90 seconds, and repeat the circuit. Rest 90 seconds, and do the circuit one more time.

By the end of this push up workout, my chest and arms are usually feeling a pretty good burn! Give this push up workout to build chest muscles next time you can't make it to the gym.

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