The Oblique Crunch is One of the Best Exercises for Obliques

The "oblique crunch" is considered to be among the best exercises for obliques. As we burn fat, many of us focus our attention to our abdominal region, searching for that elusive set of six pack abs.

As the name suggests, this exercise targets the internal and external oblique muscles of the abdominal region.

The oblique crunch targets the internal and external oblique muscles to help get six pack abs.


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  1. To perform this exercise, begin by lying on your side with your knees bent and legs on top of one another (see the diagram below).

  2. Lift your torso in a crunching motion as high as possible, concentrating on moving your upper body vertically and focusing on using your obliques for this exercises.

  3. Once you have completed the requisite number of reps, switch sides and repeat.

How to perform the oblique crunch

Exercise Demonstration: Begin by lying on the floor (or bench) and raise your torso toward the ceiling by contracting your oblique muscles.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use the standard 2-1-2 counting sequence for each repetition. This means that it should take two counts to lift your upper body, squeeze your obliques for one count at the top of the crunch, and slowly lower your body for a two count to complete one rep. You should exhale as you lift your torso and inhale as you lower your upper body.

  • To enhance the effect of this oblique exercise, simultaneously raise your legs as you crunch. This will enhance the contraction in your obliques for a better workout.

  • This exercise can also be performed on an exercise ball for an added challenge.

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