Motivation For Losing Weight... What's Yours?

Do you know your motivation for losing weight? Do you know how to find you motivation for weight loss if you lost it (or never had it to begin with)?

I received this question a week or so ago, and I knew right away I would answer it, but I wanted to wait specifically until today.

You see, we all have different reasons for doing things. These reasons don’t necessarily have to be good or bad. There is no written rule that you have to have a good reason to do anything. But you always have a reason, whether you know it or not.

Many of us set a fat loss goal. Most of us never achieve that goal. Have you ever wondered why?


I started off the year with a resolution to lose weight, but I am struggling to stick to my goal. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, or even how to fix it. I just feel kind of blah towards it. How can I find motivation for weight loss?

Kari S.

Kari, great question. I mean, GREAT question.

I have tried or read about or seen just about every diet plan, program, or routine out there. And the thing that frustrates me more than anything is that almost none of them ever tackle the mindset for shedding weight (there are exceptions of course).

What is the key to having the right mindset?

Your motivation.

Now, there are two types of motivation for losing weight. And both are extremely important to your mindset. I will tackle them separately, and then I will tell you where I stand on each. That way, you can crawl around in my head a bit and listen to it rattle.

Motivation for Weight Loss: Reasons

So, the first type of motivation for losing weight is your reason for doing it. The “why.” By understanding and coming to terms with your underlying motivation for weight loss, you can then set a plan to, well, ironically, motivate yourself to lose weight.


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There are lots of reasons to lose weight. Maybe you want to be healthy. You can even get more specific - and I recommend - STRONGLY - that you are as specific as possible about your motivation to lose weight. Maybe you want to be healthy so that you can play with your kids or coach their sports teams.

Maybe you want to get into better shape because you want to dominate your rec basketball league.

For me, I wanted to look good so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to take off my shirt when I was at the beach. I wanted a body I was proud to show off. Being healthy was not my main motivation for losing weight. Not even close. But it was a nice side benefit. (It is my motivation for keeping it off, though. I love nothing more than hanging out with my two little boys and chasing them around… they are my motivation to stay healthy.)

By understanding your underlying motivation for weight loss, it is easier - much, much easier, in fact - to attack the second type of motivation. The act of motivating. The process that gets you moving.

Motivation for Weight Loss: Actions

And it all starts and flows from you reasons for losing weight.

Here is the rough process I use every day to stay motivated to shed fat…

  1. I start with my goals. These have to be specific. This is directly related to my motivation for losing weight. If I wanted a certain look, I found the measurements that would get me there. Was there a certain body fat percentage? Waist size?

  2. If you goal is to get healthy, how do you define healthy? Is it a certain blood pressure? Is it being able to run a certain distance? Is it a certain weight?

  3. What is important is the goal be something you can measure. That way you know when you have achieved it.

  4. Also, you have to be realistic with your goal. It has to be something you can achieve. Otherwise you are just setting yourself up for failure. For example, it isn’t realistic to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Pick something difficult but achievable.

  5. Pick small, sustainable, and stackable changes that you can take each week to move you toward your goal. Don’t make drastic changes, they are too hard to maintain for the long haul. Also, make changes that are “stackable,” meaning they build upon each other over time. This small, sustainable, stackable concept is a key component of the Fat Loss Academy.

  6. Give yourself a reward (non-food) for meeting small goals. Things like a trip to the golf course for guys, or a manicure for the ladies are great ways to celebrate your successes.

  7. Tell someone about your goals. I personally tell everyone who will listen. Some will make fun of it. That’s cool. Prove them wrong. Others will show support. Rely on them to keep you honest.

  8. Always - ALWAYS - keep your goals top of mind. If your motivation for losing weight is a certain look, post a picture of what that person looks like somewhere where you will see it every day. If you want to hit a certain number (weight, blood pressure, waist size), post those numbers where they are very visible to you and then see yourself hitting that goal in your mind.

    I have pictures that represent my goals (all of them, not just my fat burning or muscle building) on my fridge, on my mirror, and on my computer. Even on the dash of my car.

I go over most of these in detail self motivation tips page, so check that out (don't miss the video at the bottom of that page... 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes. It's awesome!).

Now you know how to find and keep your motivation for losing weight... both your reasons and your action steps... what are you waiting for?

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