What is Lean Hybrid Muscle? What Does it Mean for You?

You've likely heard the buzz surrounding Lean Hybrid Muscle. If you havn't, where have you been?

Billed as the "the world's fastest way to burn fat and build muscle," Lean Hybrid Muscle cherry picks the best parts of functional training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cardio training to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Obviously, here at Build-Muscle-and-Burn-Fat.com, you certainly know I'm all about that!

After you read this short article you will have a pretty good idea of what this think they are calling a Type-III muscle fiber is and how it can help you reach your goals faster. So, let's get started...

I want you to think abou that for a moment... visualize it.

What would it be like if you could burn fat and build muscle at the same time?

How would you feel if you knew you could get that beach ready body sooner?

Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time?

I am sure you are thinking, "Everyone knows it's impossible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time."

In the next 2 minutes you are going to learn that is clearly what makes this new program so amazing and unique.

To make this program roar, you focus on the (until now) little known Type-III muscle fiber.

You have probably heard of the Type-I and Type-II fibers.

You most likely know Type-I muscle as "slow twitch." They don't get tired easily. These fibers are used when you do cardio training.

Type-II fibers are the fast twitch muscles. You use these for resistance training, and they get tired more quickly than their Type-II cousins.

Well, you've got to be wondering why any of this matters, right? Well, think about the last muscle building or fat burning program you bought.

Did it lay out a plan for your specific situation?

Of course not. They take the "average" person, and designe a plan around them.

Really think about that for a minute...

You're not average, are you?

No, you're not. And neither am I. That's why you are going to want to check this next section out...

What are Type-III Muscle Fibers?

Type-III (you can find a book here or there that refers to it as a Type-IIC fiber), is a combination of these muscles. So, it is the "hybrid muscle."

When you concentrate on building hybrid muscle, then, you are going be able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. And that, my friend, is really, really cool!

Are you beginning to see how this could change the game?

What's even cooler is that once you know how to tap into that Type-III fiber, you can literally customize your workout plan to your specific body type.

This is clearly a rare benefit. As I am sure you know, most plans you see today take a one-size-fits-all type approach. Do these exercises. Do this many reps. On and on.

Lean Hybrid Muscle... Game Changer

With the Lean Hybrid Muscle program, though, you workout depends on you and your body makeup. Some people are naturally skinny and have more Type-I fibers (not me), and some have more Type-II fibers (definitely me). The workout plans for these two folks, though they would fit into the hybrid "framework", would clearly not be the same.

But this only scratches the surface of what the Lean Hybrid Muscle system actually is. With this new knowledge, you can see how this only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lean Hybrid Muscle...

You definitely want to learn more about this life changing breakthrough. So...

...wouldn't it be amazing if someone put together a complete, step-by-step program for you to target these mythical muscles? Well, they have... continue. <===

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