How to Lose Weight Faster? Finally, The Truth.

I am often asked how to lose weight faster. However, for those looking at a crash diet as a faster way to lose weight, you will want to read every word of this article...

One of the biggest questions people have when they set out to change their physique is about how long it takes to change the way they look.

The “industry” would lead you to believe that you can shed 15 pounds of fat or pack on 10 pounds of muscle almost overnight. While there are people who can do these miracle feats, they are few and far between. Maybe like 5% of the population, if that. The problem is, everyone seems to think that they are in that 5% of the population!

Here is a question from one of my readers...

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the great info on your site. I have been following much of your advice for a while now, and my weight is moving in the right direction. However, it seems that the weight is coming off too slow. I want to know how to lose weight faster without going on another crash diet?

Thanks in advance for your help!


And my reply...

Thanks for the email. Clearly, the goal of my site is to be the anti-crash diet. With that said, let me give you my definition of a crash diet.

A crash diet is any diet that causes you to lose weight too fast (more than a pound or two per week). If you lose weight too fast, then you tend to lose muscle. This wreaks havoc on your metabolism, and goes against every principle of Middle Management.


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Think of it like a business. Temporary sales are fine. But when you see liquidations, and dramatic drops in service, that business is often in trouble. The same is true with your diet. Dramatic changes in diet and exercise might look successful in the short run, but often indicate trouble in the long term.

Middle Management is about a lifestyle change. So if you are looking for information abou how to lose weight faster with a crash diet (using the definition above), my site is not for you.


if you serious about changing your body for the long term, then you are in the right place.

My guess, reading your note, is that you are on my site because even though you lost weight with your last "crash" diet, you ended up putting the weight right back on and you are finally fed up with the BS out there and ready to make a permanent change.

I know exactly how you feel. I constantly was on the search for how to lose weight faster. I went on several crash diets, losing dozens of pounds each time. But I put the weight back on as fast as I took it back off. It was frustrating, and it made me feel like a failure.

Many people never realize that permanent changes take time. They just keep looking for the faster way to lose weight.

Look at this way. I put on over 100 pounds after college. Not in a day, not in a month, it took almost 2 years.

When I tried crash diets, I lost weight quickly. And when I finally quit the plan (only that 5% I mentioned above can stick with it forever), the weight plowed back on as fast as I lost it.

The plain truth is that you can lose weight quickly with a crash diet, but you will likely put that weight on as fast as you took it off. Not to mention, you will likely burn through your muscle as fast (if not faster) than you burn fat.

That is because to a drastic amount of weight at a drastic pace requires drastic actions. And that is NOT healthy.

I knew that if I wanted to change permanently, I had to figure out a way to reverse the process that packed that gross fat on in the first place. I has to stop trying to figure out how to lose weight faster and figure out how to lose weight permanently.

When I figured out that by making small tweaks to my habits over time - what evolved into the Middle Management process - I was able to lose an average of about 1.5 pounds per week.

And, because I was able to incorporate the smaller changes in my normal routines, they became habits, and I have been able to keep the weight off.

Think of changing your body like learning to play the piano. There are some people out there that are prodigies - they just get it. They are the 5%. But for most of us, we have to practice and practice. The more we practice, the more "natural" playing the piano becomes. It becomes habit, and we can start to incorporate more advanced chords and progressions into our musical repertoire.

Same with shedding fat or building muscle. You have to start by playing the scales and chopsticks and keep practicing until healthy living becomes habit. Sure it takes time, but it's worth it in the long run.

Is it a learning process? Sure - and you'll get better as you go along, getting a feel for what is working for you and what's not.

But you will see that making a few small changes each week pays big dividends down the road, and it doesn't disrupt your current lifestyle nearly as much as a crash diet can.

So, stop focusing on how to lose weight faster, and focus on finally burning fat permanently.

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