Holy Grail Body Transformation Review

This is an honest Holy Grail Body Transformation review (I know, those can be hard to come by...)

Can Tom Venuto back up his nearly impossible claims to teach people how to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? How is this even possible – Is this just hype? Will the book really do what it says it can do? Read on to find out.

By “The Same Time,” He Means Weeks

Holy Grail Body Transformation Review

Ok, I'll admit it, this might be a little nitpicky, but the idea isn’t to lose weight and gain muscle at the literally exact same time, but to do both over the course of a few weeks. As he says on his page, its a system to build muscle and not put on fat, and to burn fat and not lose muscle. Clearly, however the results speak for themselves...

For example, one of his students managed to lose a significant amount of fat and build substantial muscle over a 7 week period. Venuto has many examples like this where people managed to do both.

The system is basically a way of dieting and exercising that allows you to both lose weight and gain lean body mass over a short period of time – Though not necessarily “the same time.”

How the Book Was Written and Why it’s Effective

One of the reasons why this book is actually quite powerful is the way it was written. Most writers come up with an idea and then try to find scientific proof of it so they can see their idea. Unfortunately, this method generally results in useless information.

Venuto on the other hand, did the reverse. He went and figured out what was working already. He studied numerous examples of people who’ve achieved great success, noted their systems for achieving that success and then tested out duplicating that success. He used the holy grail body transformation review system to put all of them in one place.

Then and only then did he delve into the reasons why these systems work. What he found was that the very systems that show real world results are the same systems that are backed up by unbiased scientific data.

All of this is covered extensively in his new book.

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Holy Grail Body Transformation Review: Pros and Cons

What’s great about this book is the level of detail. Venuto goes in depth into both the system and the scientific data, without spending too much time on either one.

Venuto goes into how to eat, what to eat, how to workout, exactly what to do and ample examples of results you can expect with various systems.

The only downside I could see in this book was that he didn’t really cover the motivational aspect. Many body builders get started only to not continue with a program after a period of time – How does one address this issue?

Apart from that issue however – If you’re someone who’s determined to have the body they want – There is absolutely no book that’s better than Venuto’s. By combining an extremely high level of detail with instantly applicable exercises and diet guidelines, you can be sure that your results will change almost overnight.

All in all, this Holy Grail Body Transformation review grants Venuto’s book the thumbs up, so if you're ready to change your body...

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