5 Free Weight Loss Tips and Secrets to Burn Fat That You Have Never Heard Of

These are 5 little known fast and free weight loss tips to help you burn fat fast and get a set of 6-pack abs.

These tips are not your every day, “run-of-the-mill” tips to lose weight. These are the little known weight loss secrets to give you the edge when burning fat and losing extra pounds. These weight loss tips and secrets to burn fat are easy to implement starting today, and will help you get on the path to burning fat and getting the body your truly want.

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Free Weight Loss Tips – The Magic Wand that Melts Weight

This little “magic wand” helps with everything from portion control and binging.

So what is the “magic wand” in this free weight loss tip? Its your tooth brush!

When you brush your teeth after a meal or snack, you send a signal to your body that you are finished eating. Therefore, if you are practicing portion control and are having a hard time, go brush your teeth instead.

In addition to signaling an end to your meal, brushing your teeth pretty much everything else tastes bad. This will give your body time to register the food it has eaten, helping you feel satiated and full.

So, when you get a sweet tooth or feel like something you know you should not, go brush your teeth.How else can brushing your teeth help you burn fat? By brushing your teeth a little earlier in the night suggests to your body know that you are finished eating for the day, thwarting any last minute, unplanned, snacks, and prepare you for a good nights sleep (and we know how important rest is!)

Nevertheless, the benefits of this weight loss tip does not stop there (it never does, does it?)!

Six minutes of brushing per day (3 times, 2 minutes each time) will burn well over 3500 calories per year – enough calories to loose at least 1 extra pound of fat per year!

Bonus Free Weight Loss Tip: Obviously, you do not want to carry your toothbrush into a restaurant, and those restaurant portions can be BIG! We all know that if it is on our plate, it is more tempting to finish it.

Carry some of those Listerine pocket strips in your pocket when you go out for a meal. You will get the same “everything tastes bad” effect you get from brushing as well as the signal to your brain that you are finished with your meal. Moreover, you do not look ridiculous lugging your toothbrush everywhere.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Work the Perimeter

Many websites attempt to make your grocery shopping experience easier by creating lists to take with you on your shopping trips.For those of us with trouble remembering our lists, or even feel silly carrying a shopping list, this tip will simplify your shopping experience.

Next time you go to the grocery store, spend the large majority (80% or more) or your time shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. The perimeter is the area around the isles, and often is the area of the store that has holds the whole foods that we should be eating to burn fat and lose weight.

Consider this:

  • In the bakery, we can find whole grain bread (low GI carbs),
  • the produce section (healthy fruits and veggies),
  • meats (protein burns fat and builds muscle), and
  • dairy (protein from eggs and milk).

The center isles of the grocery store really get in the way of your effort to burn fat fast. The center isles are where the cookies, ice cream and potato chips hide. Obviously, there are some necessary items along the isles. However, you should not spend the majority of time inside the center isles (this includes the “end caps” where they put a lot of junk food that is “on sale”).

Try to spend only 20% of your total shopping time here. Get in, get out, and stay fit. Do not browse. This leads to impulse buys of foods that we do not really want and definitely do not need.

Have you ever noticed that grocery stores often change the layout of their center isles? This causes you to have to walk around the store longer, looking for items. You spend more time in the isles, and make more impulse buys. Notice however, the perimeter often goes unchanged. By following this free weight loss tip, you will be immune layout changes and other “tricks.”

Spend most of your time shopping on the perimeter of the store, and you are sure to stock your diet with healthy foods and decrease your fat inventory!

Free Weight Loss Tips – Drink Up

What happens if you do not drink a sufficient amount of water every day?

Since your body consists of over 70% water, you must drink enough water to ensure your body functions properly.

When you fail to get enough water, your body begins storing water to make sure that you can survive the “drought,” causing you to appear (and feel) bloated. This not exactly the look you were trying to achieve when you surfed to our page of free weight loss tips!

Therefore, to drop the excess water, simply drink more water! The extra water lets your body that the drought is over and that there is no need to hold extra water in reserve.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Go to Sleep

Most people stress the benefits of getting enough exercise in their free weight loss tips. Not enough people stress the benefits of getting enough sleep.

Not getting enough quality sleep can affect you weight.

The amount of sleep you get influences two of the hormones that affect your appetite. If you have ever found yourself awake during the very small hours of the morning, watching some infomercial on the latest and greatest ab developing contraption, you may have also found yourself binging, overeating and looking for more the next day. Those two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, may cause this cycle of binging and overeating.

So, what do these hormones do, exactly? Leptin, produced in fat cells, lets your brain know that you are full. One of the reasons that the free weight loss tip above about brushing your teeth works for portion control is that the act of brushing your teeth allows time for the leptin to signal your brain that you have eaten enough.

Ghrelin, on the other hand, produced in your gastrointestinal tract, stimulates your hunger.

When you do not get enough sleep, ghrelin rises, causing you to feel hungry, and leptin falls, causing you to not feel full! This is definitely a double whammy to put you on the road to a day of overeating.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Avoid White Foods

Numb3ers is a great television show. A mathematician aids the FBI by using creative applications of mathematics to help solve crimes (do not worry; it is more drama than derivatives!) One of the characters, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt, goes on a white food only diet.

This free weight loss tip encourages you to watch Dr. Fleinhardt, and do the opposite!

In particular, you should keep away from foods that are high in sugar and unrefined flour. Foods that have lots of sugar and unrefined flour are high usually in carbohydrates and low in dietary fiber.

By steering clear of white foods you ensure that the carbs you eat are high in fiber (which means lower net carbs for those on low carb diets) and low on the glycemic index (keeping insulin levels stable).

Look for color in your carbohydrates. Go for brown rice instead of white. Try a sweet potato instead of its white cousin. Broccoli, lettuce, peppers, green beans and the like are all good choices.

Remember this saying, “A diet without white, is a fat loss delight!”

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