Burn the Fat Book – An Honest Review

You've heard a lot about Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat book, and you want to start putting it to work for you, but you still have a few questions... let me help you decide.

Who is Tom Venuto?

Burn the Fat Book

Tom Venuto has been a bodybuilder all his life. In addition to being a highly sought after fitness and personal coach, Tom is also the author of the Burn the Fat book and has been published in Natural Bodybuilding, Ironman Magazine, Muscle-Zine, Muscular Development and many others.

With over 150 articles published, it’s hard to find an author with more recognition than Venuto. In addition to his published articles, Venuto also wrote “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle,” his #1 bestselling internet self-published book.

Most books in the health industry are written based on what the current fad is. Instead of basing the content on what will be healthy in the long run; authors write their books based on what they think will sell.

Tom Venuto on the other hand wrote his burn the fat book based on what will work forever. There are certain principles that work and don’t work with the human body and he goes in depth into how to build true health – And a body to die for.


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Body Typing: Not Everyone’s Body is Made the Same!

Most other books will have you believe that their one system works for everyone. Tom dispels this myth, because it just isn’t true! Everyone’s body works differently and needs different nutritional and exercise routines. In Burn the Fat book, Tom Venuto goes over how to determine your personal body type and what the best workout and diet plans are for you based on your body type.

A 100% Natural Approach with In Depth Info on Nutrition...
and Even Supplements

Tom Venuto advocates a completely natural, drug-free approach to health and fitness. In his book, he gives the reader an in-depth explanation of where to get your proteins, whether carbs are good for you or not, how to burn fat, and why hydration is so important.

In addition to in depth dietary knowledge, he also goes into supplements. Almost all supplements in the supplement industry are bogus and Venuto is the first to admit it. That said, he’s also not afraid to acknowledge that certain supplements do have their benefits – And he covers those in his book.

The Kicker: What Olympic Champions Attribute Their Success To

Burn the Fat Book Cover

Did you know that Olympic athletes often spend about 60% of their time on visualization training? This means that visualizing their success is actually more important than actually practicing!

Tom Venuto extensively covers this critical factor for success. Setting achievable yet inspiring goals for yourself and visualizing success is actually a huge factor that influences your long term physical fitness.

In fact, a lot of people who might understand the same material about diets and workouts may not achieve the same results, simply because they don’t have this part down.

If you’re serious about wanting to burn the fat, there’s nobody more qualified or more experienced to show you how than Tom Venuto, in his burn the fat book. Click Here to Learn More.

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