Is Rest is Necessary to Build Muscle Fast?

You want to build muscle fast ...

So the questions is, where do you build muscle the fastest? In the gym, or after you leave the gym?

In order to build muscle, there is no question. You should put as much focus on resting outside of the gym as you do inside the gym.

A common misconception when undertaking a muscle building routine centers around exactly when muscle growth occurs. Because of the pump felt in the muscle from lifting weights, many people assume that the muscle is growing during the work out.

As a result, people tend to over train. They spend too much time lifting weights, and do not get enough rest. Though they set out to build muscle fast, they actually slow the muscle building process considerably.

Build Muscle Fast... Tear It Down to Build It Up

During your weight lifting routing, the muscle is actually being broken down. The muscle fibers actually stretch and tear under the stress of working out. The trauma to the muscle causes a reaction in your body to repair these damaged fibers.

It is during the repair phase that you body mobilizes the protein and amino acids from your diet plan and muscle building occurs.

In the most basic sense, during the muscle building phase, the muscles use the protein and amino acids repair themselves by increasing in the thickness and number of the fibers.

This means that muscle building happens after you leave the gym! To build muscle, you must get the proper amount of rest.

Rest to Recover and Repair

So, what is “rest?” Rest is the time between workouts where you minimize the number of calories burned.

Allowing your muscles to have sufficient recovery time is one of the fastest ways to build muscle. This allows your body to focus on protein synthesis, using all of the nutrients and supplements you consume throughout the day to repair the muscle, rather than fueling your activity.

If you do not allow your body to have sufficient rest, you run the risk of burning too many calories. This will burn fat... and slow, and maybe even reverse, the muscle building process.

Can businesses fail to get enough rest and slow their muscle growth? Absolutely! If employees were to work 10 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year, they would burn out. The employees would quickly lose their productivity. Employees need time off to recuperate. This is why companies allow most of their employees to have weekends off and use vacation time.

How Much Rest is Enough?

How do you know when you have enough rest? Rest is one of the fastest ways to build muscle because it allows your body a "vacation" to recover from the tearing down that occurred during your weight lifting routine. Rest allows sufficient time for your muscles to prepare for the next weight lifting workout.

If you get sufficient rest, you will not only build muscle, but also get progressively stronger. This increase in strength allows you to lift increasingly heavier weights, which also allows you to build muscle fast.

The amount of rest needed varies from muscle group to muscle group and from person to person.

Hitting a plateau or experiencing a period of decreasing intensity despite your best efforts are sure signs of not getting enough rest. We often refer to this as "overtraining."

You should experiment with different amounts of rest until you have found the period that works for you and optimizes your muscle building process.

By being able to progressively increase the intensity of your workouts over time, you will continue the muscle breakdown and repair cycle, allowing you to build muscle fast.

How Much Rest do the Pros Get to Build Muscle Fast?

It is interesting to note that many of the top bodybuilders train each body part once every 5 to 7 days. This should give you a starting point to determine the appropriate amount of rest to efficiently build quality lean muscle mass.

However, not many of us train at or even near the intensity that they do (it is their job, after all). Therefore, we may not need quite as much rest between workouts. Working each body part twice a week should provide enough rest for the majority of us.

As one body part is taking a "vacation" from working out, you are using that time to work other body parts. This allows you to achieve optimal productivity out of your muscle building program.

Build muscle fast ... Get some rest!

Allowing your muscles sufficient time to recover is mandatory to build muscle fast. Without rest, you will significantly slow your progress, if not reverse it all together.

Speed up your progress; get some rest!

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