Build Chest Muscles Fast with 4 Tricks

I get questions about how to build chest muscles fast all of the time – from men and women (at first the women surprised me a bit, but then I thought about it a bit more, and I figured it out).

Lots and lots of people spend their time in the gym working on flattening their tummy or getting six pack abs. However, if your chest muscles are saggy, no matter how good your abs are you might look a little bit funny (ok, a lot funny). You really don’t want that to happen, so you?

I didn’t think so. So, in the interest of keeping you (and me) from looking funnier than usual, here are a few exercises you can put to work for you during your next trip to the gym to build chest muscles fast…

Oh, and while I could tell you to go do a bench press to build lean muscle fast, I am not going to do that here. I thought you would enjoy a couple of super ninja tricks that you don’t read about as often, instead.

So here it goes.

Use Dumbbells to Build Lean Muscle Fast

Get the benefit of dumbbells – Many people think they’ll get bigger pectoral muscles by using only barbells on a regular bench press (the more adventurous may even be doing incline and decline bench presses using a barbell).

While it’s true you can build muscle from using barbells, you’re limited in the types of movements you can make. You’re also allowing the stronger side to do most of the work when you’re using a barbell.

With a set of dumbbells, however, you can work each pectoral muscle independently and make sure each one is working enough to give you the gains you want, build lean muscle fast, and give your chest a balanced, symmetrical look.

Additionally, dumbbells give you a greater range of motion, particularly on the negative portion of the lift (when you are lowering the weight). This increased range allows you to build chest muscles faster than using only a barbell bench press.

Use the Negative for Positive Chest Muscle Gain

Accentuate the negative – When you’re working on building chest muscles fast, there’s more to weight lifting than the positive phase (the part of the lift where you’re actually, well, lifting the weight). It’s equally important to think about the negative phase of the lift (when you lowering the weight).

Rather than allowing gravity to take over when you’re lowering the weight, control what you’re doing during the downward movement. That’s why you see a lot of lifts described in the free workout plans section with a 2-0-2 (or something similar) rep count. That means, 2 counts as you lift the weight, 0 counts at the top, and two counts as you lower the weight in a controlled manner.

If you perform both phases correctly, you can really build chest muscles fast and reap the full benefit of doing the exercise.

Multitask for Big Muscle Gains

Try a combo – It’s common for body builders and athletes to work out on one muscle group at a time. They may begin doing pushups until they’ve completed one set, rest momentarily, and then begin a second set of repetitions.

You can build lean muscle fast by moving from one exercise to another related exercise between sets.  

So, if you’re doing dumbbell flyes and you’ve completed your first set, you can do cable-crossovers immediately following for a “super” set. You’ll get be amazed at how fast your chest muscles can grow.

You Need Some Back to Get Some Front

Pull ups aren’t just for kids in gym class (do they even still have gym class?) – What do back exercises have to do with building your chest muscles? Pull ups, chin ups, and back exercises in general can do wonders for your chest. A lot of people forget this (or they never even knew it to start with). They don’t usually think about the back because they can’t see it in the mirror. It’s not as “sexy” as the abs and chest.

But, if you neglect your back and lats, and you build chest muscles too fast, you will start to get that rounded shoulder, hunched over look. Your back muscles help you to stand upright, allowing you show off your new chest muscles and abs.

(Notice I didn’t say don’t do barbell bench presses. You should do them. They allow you to move the most amount of weight, which is key to building your chest muscles. What I am saying, is mix it up a bit from time to time, and add in some of these tips to really reach maximum muscle building).

While it is possible to build up your chest muscles fast, it does take time and effort. They’re not going to grow overnight, and nutrition plays an important part in the muscle building equation. If you’d like to learn about other exercises you can do to help build chest muscles fast, check out the best chest muscle building program on the internet right now, Critical Bench.

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