What is the Best Way to Burn Fat?

Are you looking for the best way to burn fat fast?

It is not what you think. Many people make the assumption that in order to burn body fat, they should concentrate on cardio and aerobic type exercises. While these types of exercises are great fat burning exercises and should be used in your fat loss efforts, they are better ways to lose fat fast.

So, if cardio and aerobic exercises are not the best way to burn fat fast, what is?

The answer is weight training.

Why is Weight Training the Best Way to Burn Fat Fast?

The answer to this question has three parts.

Burn Body Fat Through Exercise

The first part is similar to the reason that aerobic and cardio exercises are good to burn fat. You burn calories through exercise. The table below shows how many calories are burned per hour for running at a five miles-per-hour (12 minute mile) and vigorous weight training for people who weight 130 pounds, 155 pounds and 190 pounds.

Exercise130 Pounds155 Pounds190 Pounds
Weight Training354422518

As you can see, you burn slightly less calories per hour with vigorous weight training than you do running. But let us take a moment to put that into perspective.

A 12-minute mile pace means that you would run 5 miles in an hour. Many people may not be able to run five miles continuously. This of course does not take into account the monotony that many cardio and aerobic exercises impose upon you.

An hour of intense weight training, on the other hand, is usually designed with rest between sets and exercises of anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes. Additionally, there is variety in exercises for each weight training session and body parts trained on workout days, minimizing the monotony of the exercise routine.


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This is one of the main reasons that weight training should be incorporated into any program designed to burn body fat and supplemented with cardio exercise to burn extra calories.

Burn Body Fat Through Muscle Repair

Another reason that weight training is the best way to burn fat fast lies in the way your body reacts to the stresses of weight training. When you go through a strenuous weight training routine, you break down muscle tissue. Once your weight training routine ends, your body immediately begins to repair this damaged muscle tissue.

This repair process affects the number of calories you burn following your workout. As you body works to repair and build your muscles, your metabolic rate can stay slightly elevated for several hours following your intense weight training session.

This muscle building process, of course, leads to the last reason that weight training is a must to burn body fatÂ…

Burn Body Fat Through Increased Metabolism

As your ratio of lean body mass to fat increases (that is, as you build muscle and burn fat), your resting metabolic rate increases. This simply means that you burn more calories at rest that you did when you carried a larger percentage of body fat.

As you burn fat and build muscle through weight training, it actually begins to get easier and easier to maintain a lower body fat percentage.

Best Way to Burn Fat: Find the Synergy

At the end of the day, the most effective way to burn body fat is by utilizing the synergy between aerobic/cardio exercises and intense weight training. To do this, you can incorporate a 20-minute cardio session following your weight training workouts, or do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio exercises on the days that you are not in the gym pumping iron.

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Using both types of exercises, instead of focusing on only one is by far the best way to burn fat fast.

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