24/7 Fat Loss Bonus Package for Middle Management® Subscribers

Welcome fellow "Managers", to your 24/7 Fat Loss Bonus package.

You've likely heard all of the hype around the new product from the "Wonder Twins" - Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion. I am convinced it will change the industry. I am convinced that 24/7 Fat Loss will be a block buster. As a result, I wanted to give you a a chance to get a copy for free, and then throw a few bonuses your way to help make your decision to try 24/7 Fat Loss a little bit easier... read on.

The "Get 24/7 Fat Loss Free" Contest

24/7 Fat LossFirst, the contest. 24/7 Fat Loss goes live tonight at midnight. If you are the first person who buys the program through my special link and comes back to register their purchase I will refund the price of the main product bundle. The only rules are as follows:
  1. You have to have a PayPal account (I'm not sending cash, checks or wiring money),
  2. You have to purchase 24/7 Fat Loss through my link.
  3. You have to be the first to register your purchase using the form below.
But wait, there's more! :) I will also refund the purchase price of the main product bundle for the 23rd and the 37th person who register's their purchase in the form at the bottom of this page after purchasing through my link. (Why 23 and 37? Those were my old baseball and football numbers, respectively)

The 24/7 Fat Loss Bonus Package

Now I want to tell you about the 24/7 Fat Loss bons... actually three huge bonuses that I'm going to include when you get 24/7 Fat Loss through my link:

  1. You get a copy of the Mindeset Manifesto: How Changing Your Thinking Changes Your Life (Value: $27.00)
  2. I personally believe that the #1 asset you need to blow torch fat is not your body, but your mind... where your head goes, your body will follow. To be successful, you have to have the right mentality. This book shows you how.

  3. The 8 Secrets of Self-Motivation (Value: $17.00)
  4. Let's face it. It might be nice to have a partner to work with us on shedding fat, but there are far more people that would rather tell you that you "can't" rather than that you "can." (In my opinion, they are just projecting, but that's another email for another time).

    As a result, you are left to motivate yourself. But how? That's where this 12-page special report comes in.

    Once you know how to do this, then you are in complete control of your destiny.

  5. My block buster special report, The 9 Critical Components You Must Have To Convert Your Body Into An Automated Fat Burning Machine... (Value: $19.95)
  6. This is the deal - I sent surveys to over 30,000 folks just like you to find out what your biggest fat loss challenges were.

    And then I created this special report (17 pages) to address those challenges head on.

So there you have it... three amazing EXTRA bonuses, with a real-world value of $63.95.

And you can get this 24/7 Fat Loss bonus when you buy 24/7 Fat Loss through my special link.

Joel and Craig are opening registration for 24/7 Fat Loss tonight at midnight (EST)

Don't forget, you have to use this link: 24/7 Fat Loss and then fill out the form below to get your bonuses and enter the contest.

24/7 Fat Loss Bonus

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