Who is Not The Biggest Loser This Week?

by The Middle Manager

Team Bill, Amy, Julie vote for Neil

Team Bryan, Ryan, and Nicole vote for Jez - what crap. He would stab them in the back just as easily to win.

Team Kay, David, and Hollie vote for Jez.

Jez is going home.

This really was a dirty move by Neil and I agree that Jez is leaving with his head held high. Neil is a cheater, plain and simple. I cannot wait to see him go home.

Jez's update:

Jez came on the show at 345 lbs and is now down to 242 for a total weight loss 103 pounds and is looking good. I think he did an outstanding job, especially in the face of how he left the show. It shows outstanding character for him to stay on track with his weight loss and fat burning.


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