Which Team is the Biggest Loser - The Weigh Ins

by The Middle Manager

With Immunity the Red Team only lost 9 pounds (0.69%). Its a good thing they have immunity, because that is not too good of a showing for this show. Get them in gear Kim!

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The Black Team is up - the Renegades have been on a roll! Let's see how they did.

Whoa, Jillian's team dominated! They knocked out a combined 50 pounds! That was 3% of their total weight. That was an awesome weigh in.

Let's see if Bob's team can top that. They are going need 43 pounds to win the weigh in. They are off to a good start...

Neil loses 11 pounds... 32 pounds to go...
Kae loses 6 pounds... 26 pounds to go...
Nicole loses 4 pounds... 22 pounds to go...
Patty loses 5 pounds... 17 pounds to go...

Looks like it is going to take a miracle for the Blue Team to win...

Ryan is up.

Ryan loses 6 pounds... The Blue Team loses.

Somebody from the Blue Team is going home.

And, by the way, Bob is right. Those Red Team Numbers were embarassing! They deserve to have someone go home, not someone from the Blue Team. I am with you Bob.

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