Weight Loss Results

by The Middle Manager

Team Bill, Amy, Julie is up first.

Amy lost zero pounds. That's right, ZERO. That is disappointing, because I really dislike the way Kim treated Amy. I still think Jillian will get more out of Amy in the long run.

The total team lost 10 pounds, or 1.37%.

Team Bryan, Ryan, and Nicole are up next.

Ryan GAINED weight. Whoa. I don't know what to say.

The team lost 10 pounds also, but as a percentage of total weight, it was only 1.15%.

Team Kay, David, and Hollie are on the scale next.

David dropped 8 pounds, and combined with Bryan's 7, I must admit that Kim's trainees did an excellent job this week.

The team lost 14 pounds, or 1.93%.

Team Jez, Isabeau, and Neil are up last (and remember that Jez picked the teams).


I am speechless.

A first ever total team weight GAIN.

The team gained 7 pounds, for a gain of 0.77%

They are going to the elimination room.

Each of the other teams gets to cast one vote for each player.

Overall, I think what we saw this week, with the smaller weight loss numbers, is the natural tendency to lose weight more rapidly in the beginning, and gradually slow down over time.

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