VICKY is the DEVIL (Embaressed for Louisiana)

by Cherie

I am so ashamed that Vicky is from Louisiana as so am I! What an embarrassment for our whole state!!! I don't think I've ever seen such an UGLY person on tv. I feel so very sorry for her kids...and they get to see that she didn't think hearing from them was important!!!! WHAT??????? CRAZZZYYYY!!! She is EVIL and has made the show just like all the rest, we watched every season and never have seen someone like her(maybe they should be more careful when interviewing)Brady should also wake up!!! I pray EVERY WEEK that VICKY will GAIN weight and that Heba will WAKE-UP!! How does Vicky's family deal with the shame of this good for nothing-non compassionate-money hungry WITCH??

We use to wear brown paper bags on our heads for the Saints team......NOW we will wear them for VICKY!!!!

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