The Blue Team got what they deserved!

by Traci Harrison
(Whitwell, TN)

I have to say I was so glad when Brady was voted off! Way to go AMY!!! Now we just need to get rid of HEBA, VICKY, and ED! It is evident that Bob can not stand his team members! Vicky is such a !@#$%! What has Phil done to you? NOTHING! Are you jealous that he can finish a challenge and you can't? Oh wait Brady finishes the challenges for you? What are you going to do now that he is gone? And Heba SHUT UP! You have been a drama queen, trouble maker ever since you showed up there. Ed reach down somewhere deep into you soul and pull out your balls! You are a puppet on Heba string! Phil and Amy you guys ROCK! Best of luck to everyone on the black team and AMY from the blue team you are AWESOME! WAY TO STAND UP FOR YOU!

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