The Biggest Loser Black Team - Who Is Going Home?

by The Middle Manager

It is fun to watch the strategies taking shape... alliances are being formed. The game is going to get dirty, folks!

It looks like they are worried about the twins, with good reason. There is a natural alliance there.

They definitely want to avoid the tie, because the other teams will vote off who they think is the best competitor, and potentially handicap the entire team.

So, how will this shake out? We're about to find out...

Bill (Twin 1) votes for Isabeau

Isabeau votes for Jim (Twin 2)

Jim (Twin 2) votes for Isabeau

The twins have aligned versus Isabeau and they didn't have very nice things to say about her, either.

Hollie votes for Jim (Twin 2)

Julie votes for Jim (Twin 2)

It looks like they are trying to break up the twin alliance. Jez is the last vote...

Jez votes for Jim (Twin 2)

Jim is not The Biggest Loser and the dynamic duo of Jim and Bill have been split up. It will be intersting to see Bill's reaction in the next episode.

Jim's Update: Jim has lost 123 pounds, from 361 pounds to 238 pounds, and is looking good. His old police belt fits around all 3 of his kids! Great job Jim!

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