Kim Needs to Mind Her Own Business

by The Middle Manager

I agree with Amy in that Kim is influencing the vote unfairly. There is no way she should be opining about who should stay and who should go at this point.

Each person has worked hard and should stand on their own merits at this point, and not be "cast aside" because the trainer has her opinions. Besides, who says that the people that have lost the most so far will continue to do so?

David votes for Amy

Amy votes for Phil

Phil votes for Amy

"B" votes for Phil

It's a tie! Oh wow... Blue team is deciding...

My guess is that Phil is going home, he is definitely the tougher competitor of the two...

Let's see how they vote...

And Phil is going home. He is not The Biggest Loser, and Kim's strategy has completely and utterly backfired, and I believe that Phil had to leave the show prematurely for it.

Since being voted off of the show, Phil has lost 108 pounds (from 403 to 295 pounds) and is looking good. Way to go Phil!

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Aug 27, 2015
Shazia Mari NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 17, 2007
by: TMM

I agree, that has to be why they brought Jillian back...

Oct 17, 2007
by: Anonymous

Phil looks 20 years younger.

Kim doesn't add anything to the show, find another trainer.

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