Kim is Still Silly on the Biggest Loser

by The Middle Manager

Kim thinks here people are a threat... not so much. She is just silly. She tried to manipulate the game and lost.

I do think the advice that Kim just gave B is important. You cannot starve yourself and expect to consisently lose weight. Your body will start to go into preservation mode and hold on to fat to get itself through the period of low calorie intake.

Also, when you are exercising as much as they are to build muscle and burn fat on this show, you have to eat more than three times per day (we recommend six to eight times per day - every two to three waking hours).

I do think it is funny to see Amy and Kae paired together. It is obvious who they are gunning for, and its not Amy.

Now, thanks to Bob, Kae literally has a target on her back.

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