I think your show is a farce and rigged

by Diane
(Charleston Il)

It just seems strange to me that you always fix the end elimination to seem as if the person (Joelle in this case) who most deserves to go home gets a reprieve at the last minute. How is it that people are seated in the perfect arrangement to have the very surprising??? outcome be the last ones to cast their vote? If I decide to continue to watch this reality? show which I used to love I will already know that you plan it to look like the outcome is cut and dried so go for the other one. Joelle is so not worth the extra chances she has gotten unless you tell these people how to fake it and have plans to have the slackers suddenly rally and become the great success story. In the meantime some really hard-working,deserving good people have had to leave the show. After talking with others who used to love the show we are just disappointed to see something we feel is so contrived so please get real.

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