High/Low on The Biggest Loser

by The Middle Manager

The teams are separating and forming new teams of three. Who ever wins today's temptation gets to reconfigure the teams!

A game of high/low, high card wins, and they are wagering with cheese, cookies, peanut butter cups, etc... and you have to eat what you bet.

Kay is the only one that decided not to bet at all! She is there to lose weight and burn fat, and I say good for her. That shows terrific will power, and we can all learn a little something from her.

Yay Kay!

It is no wonder she posts good numbers weight loss and fat burning numbers on The Biggest Loser week after week.

The maximum bet was 1,750 calories by Amy and Jez. Jillian is going to go nuts on Jez, I am afraid. And I imagine Krazy Kim will not be happy with Amy, either.

The winner of the game, and the new teams coming up after the break!

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