Great Weight Loss Fast

by Justin J Jesso
(Cape St George NL Canada)

As you well know most fat builds on the abdomen my plan helps at a very nice rate I myself lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks

You can eat all the same foods you want I myself was eating chicken, mashed potatoes + Gravy, Poutine,
ect... nothing healthy so to speak, if you can eat healthy all the best to you, you should see better results

After you eat your meal do 50 push-ups sit-ups and curls I know they are pretty much the same thing but using both will work and try to limit yourself to 3 meals a day if you can't eat what you need to just exercise after. I insist you cut off all snacks candy and junk food. If you really want a snack because i had bad cravings have a snack then take a walk that takes you 25-30 minutes total to walk and get home

I hope this works for you Good luck.

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