For the love of The Biggest Loser

by Lynn Rossier
(Newport, RI)

I watch your show EVERY week even if its a repeat. My daughter who is going to be 14 on 2-14-08 watches it with me. We LOVE the show. If its on different channels at different times showing old shows we still watch. The trainers are great but we enjoy watching how tough Jillian Michaels can be on the people but is also caring.
I don't have a home computer, we use the one at the Library when we can get there. I'd love to be able to have some one push me like your trainers do to help me take off the weight I have from having 4 kids. Also to help with my 6 year old who is a bit over weight already at 77 pounds in the 1st grade. Watching the show I try to get ideas for eating healthier but with limited income being an only parent and with an almost 16 year old = who is a VERY fussy eater. We would like to see a show that helps over weight children and teen due to the fact that they are less active then when I was growing up and they are more likely to have problems in the up coming years. I know you did do the high school one but if maybe there is maybe more for the kids. You guys rock. Keep up the good work.

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