DDR Burning Calories

by Kimberly

Lots of women become stay at home moms that gained tons of weight from getting pregnant. Myself i gained 90 pounds! So heres what Iv been doing... I do a full body work out at least every other day with weights and a resistance bands, eat the way your suppose to (80% fruits and veggies, 20% meat) and of course whole grains, drinking a gallon of water per day and a glass with every meal, gave up most my coffee intake with tea, and everyday play a game called DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). This game is the greatest! Its a fun way to burn calories and not get board with it. Its even got a workout mode on it that will keep track of all the calories you burned for each song you do. I am pretty good at the game now, so it takes about 45mins to burn 500cals for me. The best part is that even if your not good at it in the beginning, it will still count every step you take, (weather or not that was the right one... LOL) but only on workout mode. So far iv lost 60 pounds in about 3-4 months kinda lost track :) I know that is a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time but I always feel good and eat ALL DAY!(fruits and veggies) So I don't know how healthy it is to lose that much weight so fast, but iv never felt better about myself and my body feels great too! I hope this helps cause I know how it feels being lost trying to lose weight.

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