CHEERS and Good luck to Amy C

by Walter
(San Diego CA 92116)

I was so happy last night that Amy C. voted Brady OFF.

Vicky has to be the meanest player on the biggest loser since the show started.

Heba is not far off.

The way the have treated Phil is mean, wrong and hopefully it will come back to bite them in there big fat butts.

I have watched the show from opening night and for the life of me I can't remember what Phil did wrong except have the balls to not follow the self proclaimed leader Heba...Go Phill!!!!

I'll be praying for Amy C. because now she has Vicky and Heba to deal with and of course Bob who needs to sit Miss Vicky down and find out where her anger issue comes from.

Maybe that is why she is overweight.
Maybe she needs to be in a room with Jillian for a day for her final workout and therapy session.
Go players!!!!

What goes around comes around Vicky and Heba.

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