Cheating the Weight Loss Scales!

by The Middle Manager

There are rumors of "water loading" which we talked about before as a way to cheat the system. It is drinking a ton of water before the weigh in so that you don't lose a lot of weight this time for a more dramatic weight loss next time (losing water weight is easier than losing fat, relatively speaking - its why we focus on measures like body fat percentage rather than total weight loss).

David just confronted him head on and prodded him to go talk to the other players about it. Is he throwing the game?

YES!!! The slip? He knew a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Great catch Hollie!

Bob is going to go nutso!

Bob's face is priceless. And he is yelling at Neil! Wow, very un-Bob like. He is usually very stoic and calm. He is ANGRY, and he should be.

Jillian is just as angry, because she knows that Neil did it to get rid of Isabeau.

Jillian goes directly to call out Neil. And he laughs? What a jerk. He needs to go home, NOW!

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