Burn Fat Now, Have Fun Later

by The Middle Manager

Show some discipline and set an example, for God's sake. -Jillian

This is turning into a very quotable episode!

It is time for the weigh ins for the Biggest Loser, and to see if the Black Team can keep the undefeated streak alive. It is going to get harder and harder to put up big numbers as they continue to lose weight.

Black Team is up first...

Weight Lost: 39 pounds
Percentage: 2.41%

The Red Team is up... after that dismal weigh in last week with immunity, I bet they drop A BUNCH of weight this week... and they did.

Weight Lost: 42 pounds
Percentage: 3.25%

There are some rumors out there that when someone has immunity, they manipulate their weight artifically:

"In Week 4, Wal showed just how easy it is to manipulate body weight with fluid intake. At the Week 4 weigh-in Wal anticipated that the Red Team would choose him to not have his weight loss counted in his team's weekly total. He only lost half a kilo, which he said was because he drank three litres of water and ate half a kilo of yoghurt the night before. Wal is now set for a bigger weight loss the following week."
Source: http://www.smartshape.com.au/a/693.html

If you remember, Wal is the guy that holds the all time weight loss record for the Biggest Loser.

Blue Team weigh in...

Weight Lost: 33 pounds
Percentage: 2.83%

The Red Team are the Biggest Losers this week. Followed by Blue, and then Black.

The Black Team is facing elimination, and you can see the dejection in their faces. It is their first loss, and I bed Jillian is going to be angry, after she gets over her disappointment, that is.

So does this disprove Jillian's "Go Hard or Go Home" philosophy?

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