Austin's Home Workout

by Austin
(Lansing, MI)

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Workout A: Pull
1. Back (Lats): Front Pulldown or Barbell Pullover or Barbell Bent Arm Pullover
2. Deltoid (Side): Barbell Upright Row or Lateral Raise
3. Back (General): Barbell Bent-over Row or Dumbbell Bent-over Row
4. Trapezius (Upper): Shrug
5. Deltoid (Rear): Rear Lateral Raise or Barbell Rear Delt Row
6. Biceps Brachii: Curl or Zottman Curl
7. Biceps Brachialis: Preacher Curl or Dumbbell Concentration Curl
8. Biceps Brachioradialis: Hammer Curl or Reverse Curl

Workout B: Push
1. Chest (General): Bench Press
2. Chest (Upper): Incline Bench Press
3. Chest (General): Fly or Pullover
4. Deltoid (Front): Military Press or Barbell Behind Neck Press
5. Triceps: Pushdown or Barbell Lying Triceps Extension
6. Triceps: Barbell Lying Triceps Extension "Skull Crusher" or Kickback
7. Wrist Flexors: Wrist Curl
8. Wrist Extensors: Reverse Wrist Curl

Workout C: Legs
1. Quadriceps: Barbell Full Squat
2. Quadriceps: Barbell Hack Squat or Lunge
3. Hamstrings: Straight-leg Dead lift
4. Calves (General): Barbell Standing Leg Calf Raise
5. Calves (Soleus): Safety Bar Seated Calf Raise
6. Abdominal and Oblique’s: Stability Ball Ab Exercises (at least 3)

Abdominal, Oblique and Wrist exercises can be completed on off days or any lifting day. Alternate the order that exercises are performed. Choose a different exercise then the last time if available.

Always start the bicep portion of the pull workout with a curl (Preacher, Zottman or Standard). “You should always use this bicep exercise at the beginning of your bicep workout. This is because you should need the most energy to lift as heavy as possible.” –

Perform a superset with Preacher Curls and Curls. A superset is performing two exercises simultaneously without a rest in between.

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Nov 12, 2015
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Par avance, ​ merci ​ pour ​ vos conseils !.

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