Amy Calls Out Kim for Last Week!

by The Middle Manager

Amy is showing the 8 of hearts, and Jez counters with the A of hearts to take the win! Jez is making up the teams.

Kay, David, and Hollie make up the first trio.

Amy, Julie, and Bill make up team two.

Bryan (aka "B"), Nicole, and Ryan are team three.

Neil, Isabeau, and Jez are the fianl trio.

Now, the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss has their memebers up for elimination.

The teams members can pick any trainer they want to, but they weigh together.

The trainers have just come in, and Amy just called Kim out for the bull crap Kim pulled last week.

Way to go Amy, you are 100% right! Woo Hoo!!!!

And then to really top things off, Amy decided to go to work with Jillian!

Kim wants to talk to Amy, and Amy is ignoring her.

Kim says you owe me that much respect... NO WAY! Kim showed Amy no respect last week by trying to get her voted off, and she shouldn't get any in return.

Go Amy and Jillian!

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