Yes, you can!

by Linda
(Pleasant Hill, Or., USA)

It has been over 3 1/2 years since I have taken off the 40 lbs. I needed to lose. A friend inspired me, so maybe I can share the inspiration. As a younger woman, I hadn't had too much trouble losing weight, however, in my late 50's, despite concerted effort, no success.

Being a counselor by profession, I knew I needed to change my way of dealing with food for the rest of my life, and just not diet. These are some of the things

I did that got off and have kept off the weight.

1) I choose a "diet," but modified it to fit my needs. I modified Atkins,loaded up on veggies and salad, so I didn't feel deprived. Since I have high cholesterol, I kept high fat products to a minimum.

2) I learned about basically what was high in carbs, then I put all the charts away. I knew basically what I needed to eat. I would never stick to counting carbs nor calories, and I didn't need to.

3) I ate only foods I enjoy, so my "diet" didn't seem like one. Luckily I love veggies.

4) I worked to maintain plenty of variety, so I didn't and don't get bored with the plan.

5) My first week, I cut out nothing, but just observed what I was eating--scary, but useful info.

6) Cutting down on carbs and fruit would have been very difficult, if I had not done this: Each week, I ate one less starch and one less fruit per day, until I was eating almost no starch and no fruit. This was hugely important!!

7) I lost steadily. When I was near goal, I decided on a maintenance plan and slowly added in foods each week for a month until I reached "maintenance."

8) I have a tasty, low-calory snack mid-morning and
mid- afternoon as well as after dinner. I don't feel deprived.

9) Even during the losing process, I built in a periodic sweet treat.

10) I had a realistic time-frame in mind for the loss, and a personal reason for wanting to lose it.

11) I exercised more than before, but know that walking and swimming are more "me," than hard workouts.

12) I now weigh every other day. If I gain a little, I catch it before becoming overwhelmed. I am confident I can take off 1-2 pounds. I might give up if that were 10 lbs.

13) My wonderful husband lost weight with me and was tremendously supportive. He never brought sweets into the house, and often remarked as to my progress.

I feel great! As my friend said, "You're (wearing) single digits! If I can take it off, and keep it off, so can you!

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