Whey Protein and Fat

by Lawrence Haines

Whey Protein contains fats that have been proven to contribute to heart attacks and strokes. Look at the whey labels and you will see they contain relatively large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. If you are taking lots of whey protein supplementation, you are eating lots of butterfat. Soy doesn't have these artery clogging ingredients. Even if whey is slightly superior for muscle growth, it is far healthier for your cardiovascular health to use soy.

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isolate NEW
by: Anonymous

In whey protein isolate out of 100g only 1.5g is fat.

In any case I would dispute your claims that the fat in soy is healthier than that in milk - the polyunsaturated fatty acids in soy are very unstable and liable to rancidity. If cold-pressed and freshly used that side of things might be OK. I dont know how they would fare in protein isolation procedures to make protein powders.

Also whilst the linolenic acid component of soy (plant omega 3) is useful being one of the EFAs, it comes with a lot of linoleic acid (an omega 6 FA) which gives it an unfavourable FA balance - too much omega-6.

Milk fat contains conjugated linoleic acids which regulate body fat distribution. It also contains vitamin K2, a fat soluble vitamin that is vital to cardiovascular health and mineral utilisation.

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