Track Tricks

by Chriss Hayes
(Portland Oregon )

1. Use smaller coffee cups, plates, bowls and drinking glasses.

* Dishes have become larger. I was watching an old television program--(McMillian & Wife 1970's)and noticed the dishes that are repeatedly used on the series. They are smaller! A coffee cup, really was about the size of a measured cup. The dinner plates were smaller too. Dinner was served a little more formally. Nice settings, manners used, and center pieces. Cocktails were served in smaller wine glasses, old fashion glasses, and martini glasses.

So, what has happened?

To the size of our dishes, cups, plates and glasses.

Next I was watching an episode of--(Two and a Half Men) they are using a huge coffee mug in the scenes.

In 39 years of television dishes have become bigger, portions have become bigger,and the viewers have become bigger.

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