The Build Up

by Ryan

Basically, there is only one thing that works for me. That is self-motivation. Get motivated to make an attempt.

I will give you a few ideas of how to go about this. Eat breakfast. Target calories, around 250. Eat a few fruits, one or two a day.

Drink more water, this will eventually be as much as 64 oz a day, depending on your sodium intake maybe only 32-48oz, but keep that in mind.

Cut back on portions, not much, just make sure you are not eating for flavor, rather eating for nourishment. Exercise. 10 mins of jumping rope, or on a stationary biking, or anything that is a more strenuous activity than your current routine will be plenty.

If you can keep it up for about two weeks, maybe 2 or 3 times a week, you should be able to notice some change in the right direction. It could be clothes fitting better, compliments from a friend, even mental clarity. These are the things that you should be using for your motivation to step it up a notch. Both in your diet and activity level. If you aren't stregnth building, you should notice that it takes less to fill you up, so maybe pick one meal to cut back on (not breakfast)In fact, breakfast should stay fixed. Work longer and with more intensity. Perhaps add new things, I myself, still do the things that I did my first first few weeks, but after those 8-12 mins I have added a few, more tiring routines. This will produce more results more motivation to take it up to another level...

Rinse and repeat.

I look up new things on the internet to give me ideas on how to target an area that I am not seeing the results I want.

The thing is, it takes time. Anything that takes that much time needs to be something you are able to feel excited about. This could be good health, better outlook on life, more energy, or a number of other things. When you are excited about something, it is easier to of motivation I guess...

Good luck

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