Stuffed Tomatoes (50 Cals or Less)

by Jenny

Random Stuffed Tomatoes

Random Stuffed Tomatoes

Well if you're watching you calorie intake... 1 tomato will have about 50 cals when they're done(it depends on how much u put in and what you put in)...


BIG BIG Tomatoes (You may decide how many as 1 tomato is one dish)

!Optional Stuffing!


-Canned Maize
-Salt (0 cals)
-Pepper (0 cals)
-Cheese (Cream or Slices)
-Ham (Non Vegetarian)
-Butter (Has lots of cals!)
-Spices (0 cals)
-Salad Leaves (0 cals)
-Tuna (Not together with Ham)


-Slice off the top of your Tomato.

-Use knife and spoon to hollow it out as best u can.

-Fill it with something 'floor like' i.e. a slice of ham or cheese.

-Slowly begin to fill your tomato but not in layers (i. e. cheese the ham then maize, etc.)

-Mix it all up and don't forget to put salt or spices in between the stuffing

-Put butter or Cream or cheese at the top as it will melt and make a nice *ceiling*

-To bake put the tomatoes in the oven at about 200-150° for about 10-20 minutes or until you are satisfied with the crustiness of the tomato


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