Soy protein: cholesterol free!

by Luis
(Baltimore, MD)

When my wife started to take whey protein to help her with her diabetes, the carbs were low, but the cholesterol was 22% of the daily value.

When she got her last lab work done, her cholesterol had increased a lot, and she had to start taking medication! Perhaps the whey was part of the cause of the high cholesterol, but I can't prove it.

I also used to have high cholesterol problems. I reduced my intake of food with cholesterol, and tried to walk 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week.

My doctor was surprised to see that my cholesterol had fallen to normal levels with no medication whatsoever!

Soy protein no only has high protein, but it is easier to digest (which makes you hungry sooner, by the way :-) ), has no cholesterol, low carbs, very little fat, no trans fat or other bad fats.

And, also important, requires less land and energy to grow than cows, it has no growth hormones (AFAIK), and no animals get mistreated to produce the powder.

For me, soy protein is no brainer.

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