My Tips

These are just some tips that I find work for me personally.

When I first started cutting I over complicated things and it didn't last very long. Now I take a simple approach. I try to eat 5-6 meals a day but some days I eat just 2 or 3 and I don't feel guilty. I only eat clean foods and usually under calories however I still have a day once a week where I eat over and don't feel guilty, or when I go out to dinner for a special occasion. Don't focus too heavily on it and don't let your diet control your life, because that's when it becomes hard as you are constantly thinking about food and gaining/losing weight etc and that can lead to moments of giving up and chowing down some junk food. Instead just take a more relaxed approach to dieting. Still continue doing your other hobbies and going out, seeing friends etc and that way I personally find it very easy to stay eating healthy. You control your diet and life, not the other way around.

In regards to exercise, I do cardio 7 days a week in the morning and weights at night on a rotating roster of 2 days on 1 day off and it has now become a habit that I enjoy. If I miss some days I don't stress out and try to make up for it by doing a double session the following day. I just make sure that when I actually am exercising it is at 100%. That way I can just relax the rest of the time and enjoy watching tv :)

And a key thing to remember is to be patient. It can take years for some people to cut down to a low enough body fat % to see abs. So just keep on at it

So in summary, eat clean (high protein, 'good' fats & slow burning carbs), be patient, make it a habit and don't stress out over it.

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