Low Calorie, High Energy (Read for Specifics)

by Kyle

Heya, I'm a guy who spent the summer losing 75 pounds!

Everyone's diet plan usually varies in some way, but for me, I found that eating low calorie, high energy foods was extremely beneficial to my weight loss. This should include oats, whole weats, natural sugars, (such as glucose, a simple and healthy sugar from fruits) and lean meats like chicken and fish.

A great meal/breakfast bar for me were Cliff Bars. These little treats are great to start your day, can keep you going because of their oat, sugar, and grain content, have a high protein content for a bar of its size, and is amazingly filling for a 200 calorie meal bar!

And above all else, EXERCISE! You need to do both weights and aerobic exercises like swimming or jogging to get results. Good luck!

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