If You Want Six Pack Abs, You Want to Read This

by Adil
(Birmingham, AL)

Check this out... What I discovered was that by doing loads and loads of crunches, I wasn't able to help my abs. So I gave up on shaping my abs and turned to my chest (pecs).

I started working out for about 2 weeks - intense training - and I noticed that the shape of my abs were coming out. Turns out that by weight training, you lose alot of fat and that's what happened to me! All you need to do know is eat healthy!

Ben:Adil, great story and excellent point. A lot of people mistakenly think that in order to get a six pack, they need to do thousands of crunches. While you do have to work your abs, until you lose that layer of fat, you still won't see them. By working your bigger muscles, you burn more calories, and therefore fat. This of course, leads to a more defined set of abs.

Keep of the great work!


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