Eating more of low calorie foods

by Arielle
(Merrick, NY USA)

Eating for me is also an oral fixation! I'm addicted to the actual act of popping something in my mouth. Eating snacks like raisins, carrots and apple slices are key. I lose more weight when I do healthy snacks all day.

Another problem I face - is going out to eat. Without having to tell everyone you're on a diet - just say, I ate earlier. ALWAYS bring your meals from home when dieting. NEVER eat out...However, I would lose time with my friends if I didn't go out with them. So I usually just say that I'm getting something small. If I'm going out for asian food it's always easy to get something small and delicious like soups, spring rolls, pieces of sushi, etc. That way you can still chit chat.

Also - GREEN TEA and herbal teas help your metabolism. I'm cutting out coffee because it makes me gain weight with my body type.

Another treat I love is ALMOND butter and AVOCADOs. They are my chocolate and they help me stay full. Don't mind the fat in these two items - it's good fat and cholesterol that lowers the bad kind.


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