Eat More to Lose More!!!

by Chris
(Alvin, Texas, USA)

You do not have to starve yourself and be miserable to lose weight. You also do not have to kill yourself over-exercising.

I'm an honor student in biology and have learned a few things about the body along the way. Through my own personal studies I have found that you cannot lose weight by doing these two things.

You can lose weight by eating more of the right foods and light cardio workouts two or three times a week.

It is not easy but the next time you get the munchies instead of going for the cheesy, greasy or super sweets, grab an apple, banana or some carrots.

I know what your thinking...Yuck. And to be honest with you, at first it is kind of yuck because you have spent most or all of your life eating those other kinds of foods and you are used to them, they taste soooo good.

Mark my words, if you force yourself to eat the healthy foods for about ten days instead of the fatty foods you may find that after ten days those fatty foods just dont appeal to you as much as they used too.

Eventually its a good bet that you will be saying Yuck to your old eating habits. Dont count calories, its futile and doesnt work. Eat the fatty foods every once in a while but decrease the portion by about 1/4, and when you want to snack , snack on a fruit or veggie.

That is the only way to lose weight.

Eat a cereal in the morning that is very high in fiber, the highest you can find, then at around ten eat an apple or banana, even if your not hungry eat it anyway, then eat a sandwich for lunch with high fiber bread with ham, mustard and pickles and seven or eight potato chips and cold water or a small cup of low fat milk.

At three eat some celery sticks and cucumber or some more fruit (even if you are not hungry), then at about seven for dinner eat the fatty foods that you normally would eat only now decrease the portion size by 1/4 to 1/3.

Oh and one more thing, I dont care how much you exercise, you WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT if you do not eat right. When you do exercise walk a steady brisk pace for about 30 min.

Every once in a while speed up as fast as you can walk for about sixty seconds and then slow back down to that brisk pace. You dont have to exercize to lose weight, but you will shed the pounds faster if you do.

If you cannot workout then eat right and I bet you will see a difference in just a week.

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