Better Alternatives to what you Crave

by Sarah
(Columbus, OH)

I'm one of those people that just craves certain types of foods, and I mean overwhelmingly craves. Obviously I can fight it, but if I'm feeling particularly weak that day, I find an alternative to what I want. One thing I typically crave is potato chips, preferably kettle cooked chips. I can eat whole bags full, they're so addicting! Whenever I really want that salty taste and satisfaction, I instead eat a dill pickle spear, usually around 5 calories a spear. Personally, it's super salty and crunchy, which somewhat simulates the crunch and salty taste I get from my chips. Also, the taste lingers a bit, so I'm satisfied for longer.

If you really want something sweet, like cookies, cake, brownies, etc., I always have angel food cake and take a small slice of that, eating it somewhat slowly. It's really sweet, I really enjoy the texture, and I don't feel guilty enjoying a piece. It's 125-220 calories depending on how big of a slice you cut off. It's great with fruit as well, so you can get a serving of fruit in with it.

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