by Andrew Tolliday
(Cambridge, England)


I have been taking soy protein for 2 years. I converted to soy from whey after discovering the how bad milk and milk products were for me.

Milk is produced by pregnant cows to feed their calfs until they are old enough and can get nutrients from other food sources. Humans are the only species on earth who continue to consume milk after infancy. Not only do we still consume milk as adults, but we consume the milk of another species.

Cows milk contains growth hormones,puss and blood. Cows only produce milk when they are pregnant, but to continue producing milk they are given hormones. These hormones remain in the milk and we drink them. Cows milk is responsible for the growth of many cancers especially prostate and breast. Milk also contains high levels of puss cells. The government are aware of this but still continue to allow it into milk.

Many people think that milk is a good source of calcium, which it is. Calcuim in cows milk is not easily absorbed by our bodies and we get very little benifit from it.

The best forms of calcium come from plants e.g. leafy greens, kale, apricots, figs, sesame seeds. Also sardines and oily fish. These are absorbed well by the body and do not contain high levels of saturated fats which contribute to heart disease and many other health problems.

My advice to you is to seriously consider whether you wish to continue consuming dairy products. Please research this topic for yourselves and see the evidence.

Yes milk(whey)may be better for muscle growth but it is also best for the growth of cancer too. Soy protein is a worthy alternative and should be part of your diet and training plan

Thankyou for reading

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